About this Site

Our hearts, like the hearts of so many, have been broken by deep loss. We said good-bye to our 21-yr-old soldier son in 2006 … before we were ready. The journey we were forced to embark on has often been a difficult one but it has also been filled with amazing blessings along the way. God’s comfort has come in many shapes and sizes; in ways that we would never have imagined … and we’ve been strengthened. But … this site is not just about our grief … it is about sharing the journey of grief.

It is intended to be a safe place where those of you who are grieving can receive encouragement and comfort as you struggle through your dark places and where you can, if you choose to, share the brokenness of your heart; to voice your deepest needs in the midst of your pain … and to share your insights, your victories and your blessings.

This site is also intended for those of you who may not have experienced a deep loss of your own but are striving to minister to those who are. We pray that what is shared here will give you insight and understanding as you walk beside them on their grief journey.

For a list of future discussions, please visit our ‘Looking Ahead’ page. If you would like to see any particular subject of grieving addressed, please drop us a note at: thejourneyofagrievingheart@yahoo.com.

We look forward to sharing your journey with you.

Blessings, Penny Kendall