You know how those thoughts jump into your mind?
The pain, the loss, the tears?
Wouldn’t it be better to remember other things?
The laughter, the life, the heart?
Instead of the sorrow, joy;
Instead of heartache, happiness;
Instead of the loss, the fight;
Instead of defeat, the resolve.

Every once in a while,
Your memory flairs,
And a lump forms in your throat;
Your eyes burn,
And your heart aches once more.
That doesn’t mean you have forgotten the good times,
The fun times, the nice words, the love;
It simply means you miss them more.

But distance and time does not take any of that away;
On this day, your loss does not replace your love,
And your pain does not replace your joy.
So take your pause and reflect;
Take a breath, and say a prayer to your Father,
And smile for me. For yourself. For Him. For her.
And then take another step.
Feel air in your lungs, a beat in your heart.

And all those things
That occasionally have you convinced sadness is in charge –
Those things that give you pause –
The stinging eyes, the lump, your aching heart –
All those things are really only reminders
That your love is still alive, your laughter has not left,
And you still have things to do.
So make it all count for something!

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